In or on the water

  • swimming, canoeing, rafting, stand up paddle, water hiking, canyoning,
  • water sports centres: Villefort, Naussac, Malzieu, Le Moulinet, Le Gavinet, etc…
  • “no-kill” sport river fishing or family-style fishing in lakes or fish farms…

On the plateaux

  • on foot: hiking, trail running, orienteering
  • by bike: bicycle touring, mountain biking, electric bikes,
  • on horseback: outings, riding lessons, walks with a donkey, carriage rides
  • underground: caving – over 600 cavities to be discovered on your own or with a guide, initiation, underground bivouac, (Mettre des liens)
  • in the trees: treetop adventure course, adventure circuits. (Mettre des liens)

On the cliffs

  • rock climbing in the Tarn, Jonte or Dourbie gorges, (Mettre des liens)
  • via ferrata and viacorda with 6 sites in Lozère and 2 in Aveyron, (Mettre des liens)
  • bungee jumping, slackline, (Mettre des liens)

In the air

  • paragliding and hang gliding - introduction or on your own, (Mettre des liens)
  • glider planes/planes – first flights and introduction. (Mettre des liens)

In the snow:
- cross country and downhill skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, snowkite, dog-sledding