The four Causses – Méjean, Noir, Sauveterre and Larzac – are vast limestone plateaux that are separated by the deep gorges of the rivers Tarn, Jonte, Tarnon and Dourbie.
This geological structure confers on them an “island” identity, surrounded by sheer cliffs.

01_Biffoux_Mativet.JPG 02_Col_Usclat_Mt_Gargo.JPG 02_Liaucous _Sauveterre.JPG

03_Lavogne_Drigas.JPG 04.JPG 04_La_Labrede_Tarnon.JPG

05.JPG 06.JPG 07_Randonnee.JPG

08_BREBIS.JPG 08_Eglazine_Tarn.JPG 10.JPG

10_Jonte_Meyrueis.jpg 11.JPG 11_Tarn_Florac.JPG

12_Gorges du Tarn sous Bourgarie.JPG 14_Gorges_Jonte.JPG 14_Nimes_le_Vieux _Hom.JPG

15_Tarn_Vebron.JPG 16_Gorges_du_Tarn.JPG 17_Gorges du Tarn.JPG